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The development trend of post press product molding technology

now the post press product molding production technology is also maturing. The application of various automatic folding and pasting machines has ended the long-term backward production mode of manual pasting boxes. According to the requirements of production and quality control, the automatic folding and gluing machine not only has a variety of additional functions, but also has the functions of waste box removal, bar code adopting "one-stop" pattern recognition, automatic counting, automatic packaging, wireless remote control operation machine and so on. It can be applied to a wide range, which can automatically paste special-shaped boxes and three-dimensional boxes, but also corrugated boxes and cartons. Some models also need the function of opening windows and pasting films: some machines can not only produce conventional box types, but also produce two dozen or four fold hook bottom boxes, and can carry out special processing according to the needs of users, and even carry out direct packaging of products online, so as to adapt to different production methods and product characteristics. In the future, the automatic folding paste 1 must use the spring fatigue testing machine produced by the regular testing machine manufacturer. The development trend of the box machine is to be intelligent, digital, high-speed, multifunctional and highly automated. The operation and adjustment of the machine are simple and fast, and the production efficiency is high. More box pasting equipment will adopt variable-frequency control motor to make the operation of the machine more stable and the product qualification rate higher

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