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With the rapid development of electronic technology, the application field of air compressor technology has been rapidly expanded, and has been widely used in various automatic production lines

the development of pneumatic manipulator and flexible automatic technology, the combination of air compressor technology with microelectronics technology and modern control theory, makes the air compressor technology enter the closed-loop - oil pump output pressure drop proportion - servo control system from the switch control system, so that the control accuracy has been qualitatively improved. Wuhan Juye believes that nowadays, the miniaturization of the air engine means that the turbocharged hose compressor technology with higher temperature has become one of the key technologies to realize industrial transmission and control

modern air compressor technology is developing in the direction of miniaturization, lightweight and electromechanical integration. Wuhan Juye has done a good job in the development and application of various low-power, oil-free and high-precision pneumatic components. This development has made the air compressor technology far beyond the original application fields. The prominent characteristics of LEDs in microelectronic chips, bioengineering, medicine and food, military control and so on are small size Compact structure, easy to embed all kinds of lamps and lanterns have also been widely used in high-end fields

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