Development trend of the hottest 2017 tool presett

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Development trend of 2017 tool presetter

tool presetter is a measuring device that can pre adjust and measure the tool tip diameter and clamping length, and can certify the qualification of qualified suppliers of civil aircraft airworthiness. It is successfully promoting the data input into the NC program of the machining center. As the complete set of NC machine tools equipped with multi tool automatic tool changing device is also relatively expensive and widely used, the market of high-precision and high-efficiency tool presetters is continuously expanding

(1) from measurement to data management

the function of the new tool presetter that is being studied and developed recently is not limited to tool preparation, but as an important part of the overall function of the automatic production system. It can be used in conjunction with the counter ruler, laser length measurement system, tool recognition system, production management system, etc., to complete the transmission, calculation, recording and other work of measurement data

in order to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency cutting, users mostly use the two-sided positioning and clamping tool system, which is also being opened now, so the motion limit of the material is taken according to the popular rule of the light and cheap motion limit, and the load value corresponding to the point is divided by the original cross-sectional area of the test piece to obtain the motion limit of the low carbon steel, and the diameter jump accuracy reaches 2 μ M or less. In order not to reduce the starting rate of the processing machine tool, it is required to complete the preparation work such as tool presetting and measurement outside the machine; At the same time, the demand of tool presetting is also put forward

(2) CCD type high-precision tool presetter is becoming the mainstream model

the demand for tool presetter in NC machining is expanding. Automotive, semiconductor and other industries require tool presetter products to have higher accuracy and efficiency. CCD tool presetter, which can achieve higher measurement accuracy, is replacing the traditional projection tool presetter as the mainstream product

in order to pursue the high efficiency and precision of machining and improve the starting rate of machining center, more and more users use the tool presetter equipped with CCD digital camera as a high-precision product, while the projection tool presetter with convenient use and good versatility is used as a standard product

(3) products that pursue multi-function and high efficiency

the tool presetter produced by Osaka Industrial machinery company is equipped with a CCD digital camera, and the curve adjustment function without visual inspection by the operator can reach ± 3 μ The repetition accuracy within m, even if the contact measurement is adopted, the minimum reading value can reach 1 μ m。 The tool holder uses needle roller bearings (patented products), with small friction and light rotation. The maximum value of the tool can be measured after one revolution, which can greatly improve the work efficiency, even for the same product. Through the simple operation of the mouse, you can complete any point measurement, R measurement and angle measurement; In addition, by switching images, the damage and wear of the tool tip can be inspected; If the support software is also used, the tool data can be transmitted to the machine tool through PC, which solves the problem of manual input data caused by complex operations

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