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The development trend of beer packaging

the packaging production of beer is the key link with the highest technical content and the most sensitive impact on quality in the whole process of beer production. Beer production has completed the whole process of determining its internal quality from malt feeding to sake filtration. The highest purpose of beer packaging production process is to minimize the loss of beer internal quality during the implementation of packaging, It is impossible to expect to improve the internal quality of beer through packaging

in view of this, the packaging production technology equipment of the beer industry has the most complex technology, the largest investment and the highest management requirements among all the production equipment of the brewery. At the same time, it is also the field with the largest and most significant gap between the production technology and equipment of the domestic beer industry and the advanced level of the same industry abroad. Compared with the current international advanced level and development trend of the beer industry, we need to pay particular attention to: the transformation from glass bottle packaging to polyester bottle packaging

the reform of beer commodity packaging structure can be considered as the biggest challenge and opportunity faced by the industry in the 21st century

polyester bottle packed beer has indisputable advantages over glass bottle packed beer in terms of safety, light weight and fashion. At the same time, the comprehensive cost performance is also highly competitive. Today, when advocating the "people-oriented" corporate culture and pursuing the maximization of customer value instead of simply pursuing the maximization of profits, consumption safety is a matter of life, and polyester bottle packed beer is a kind of green environmental protection Low price and good quality are important choices to reflect sustainable development

equipment is developing towards large-scale and high-speed.

with the maturing of the automatic control technology of the bottle box conveying system of the high-speed packaging line, the so-called non pressure bottle conveying technology for building the "highway" of the packaging production line is widely used. At present, another technical problem appears in front of the industry, that is, the testing and control equipment related to the functional quality of packaging. For example, empty bottle inspection equipment and solid bottle inspection equipment, the former includes bottle mouth, bottle body, bottle bottom, residual liquid, etc., the latter includes liquid level, internal pressure, label paper, etc., various functional quality detection and control of the packaging line, as well as the core equipment of the packaging line, the function improvement of the filling and capping machine, such as glass splashing after bottle explosion, pollution, filling and elimination of safety hazards, and other detection and control technologies, all of which ensure the absolute safety of product quality and protect the interests of consumers, To maximize customer value, "people-oriented" business philosophy and values are the highest purpose. The improvement of testing and the functional quality of existing hosts is another bottleneck of technical connotation under the background of the continuous improvement of industrial concentration and the continuous development of large-scale and high-speed packaging lines. We must attach great importance to it and invest in research and development

the current popular membrane technology is to filter sake with an absolute path of 0.65 μ m-0.45 μ m under low temperature conditions. This is a "subtraction" method to solve the microbial pollution of beer products. In order to reduce the microbial risk, the filtration path of the membrane is becoming smaller and smaller, so that many beneficial components of macromolecular proteins in the original wine are filtered out. How to find a new way, Using the penetration and inactivation efficiency of energy fields, such as high-intensity magnetic fields, to achieve the sterilization after conventional packaging, so as to obtain safe and sufficient shelf life bottled beer, which is a subject worthy of exploration

the development of beer packaging technology in the new century has eight elements or the general principles of technology development are summarized as follows: first, green environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction are the first priority goals of technological equipment research and development planning. 2、 In order to meet the requirements of the cleaner production process specification of food machinery, the average import price of its technical equipment in January 2016 was 6779.8 yuan/ton. Hygienic design is the basic technical standard. 3、 As the concentration of liquid food industry, mainly beer and beverage industry, continues to improve, the large-scale and high-speed of its technical equipment is one of the development goals. 4、 People advocate nature and return to nature in consumption, and aseptic technology is the first key topic for technical equipment research. 5、 With the improvement of social consumption level, market segmentation leads to the development of functional needs. Through personalized design, we can continuously improve the performance and quality of products to meet the needs of people to continuously improve the quality of life. This kind of technical equipment that reflects the personalized needs of customers by referring to the practice of the world's best testing laboratories will become a good foundation and resource development focus for product companies in the automotive industry chain. 6、 Diversification of commodity packaging is an established goal to meet the development needs of modern circulation industry. According to the sustainable development strategy, the technical equipment that fully reflects the green packaging scheme will be favored by the market. 7、 The computer equipment monitoring and management of the production line and the computer monitoring and closed-loop control of the component sensors are the appropriate entry points for the modern high-tech represented by information technology to implement the transformation of traditional industries. 8、 Automatic transmission technology of production line is the basic engineering technology to build a "highway" system with barrier free and pressure free passage across the whole line. Its direct connection with storage and logistics system is the development direction of improving equipment production efficiency and realizing large-scale modern mass production. [Liu Qicheng]

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