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Finland acquires the largest high-grade paper mill in the UK

Finnish Metz Zella company acquired the paper mill in the United Kingdom with an offer of 780million Finnish marks (about US $156million)

it is reported that the UK paper mill is the largest high-grade paper mill in the UK, with an annual output of 185000 tons. The test information obtained by users is the production capacity of 16 pieces of coated paper and 220000 tons of high-grade uncoated paper with authorized patents during the advanced load/deformation curve period, accounting for 11% and 8% of the UK market respectively. The turnover of the company is 2.3 billion Finnish marks. The move of Metz Zella is to occupy the UK, the largest premium paper market in Europe, in order to strengthen its international competitiveness. The company belongs to the Finnish Forest Alliance Group, and the output of high-grade paper has increased four times in recent years. It mainly produces office paper and four-color printing paper, of which high-grade coated paper accounts for 2/3

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