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Finnish paper giant 1.8 billion North Sea eucalyptus forest experts worry about ecology

If Stora Enso's North Sea Forest Pulp integration project is carried out smoothly, 18% of the land in the North Sea will be planted with eucalyptus forests

in mid July, on Tieshangang Avenue, Tieshangang District, Beihai, dozens of acres of immature sugarcane forests have been cut down, and sugarcane with emerald green leaves are stacked on the roadside, some of which have given off a little rotten taste. We can't wait for the pressing season. We cut them to make way for the Forest Pulp integration project, and then plant eucalyptus trees on them. A local farmer surnamed Zheng revealed

the forestry pulp integration project referred to by the farmer was built by Stora Enso group, a Finnish paper giant

following the commencement of the Qinzhou Forest Pulp paper integration project of Jinguang in October last year, Stora Enso's North Sea project is accelerating. Chen Xun, director of Beihai Industrial Development Zone, told me

eucalyptus forests on 18% of the land area

FROM BEIHAI TO Hepu expressway, eucalyptus forests are densely arranged on both sides of the road. Through the eucalyptus trees beside the road, the dense eucalyptus forests on the distant mountain depression forest are clearly visible, and each row of Eucalyptus forests are very neat, like a plantation; Further down, in Lianzhou Town, xingdaohu Township, Shikang town and other towns, eucalyptus trees are everywhere, even reaching a scale of tens of thousands of mu. Eucalyptus trees are planted in front of and behind many farmhouses, replacing commercial forests and cash crops

according to the "several opinions of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on accelerating the construction of Forest Pulp and paper raw material forest base in coastal areas" (gzf [2004] No. 66) and the "planning table for the construction of Forest Pulp and paper raw material forest base in Guangxi coastal areas" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning table"), according to the pulping scale of Beihai large pulp and paper mill proposed by Stora Enso, Guangxi needs to provide it with 5million mu of Eucalyptus raw material forest, which is composed of Beihai Yulin, Fangchenggang and Chongzuo, of which only Beihai needs to provide raw material forest base with an area of 900000 mu

in fact, the Finnish company originally planned to require the North Sea to provide 1.2 million mu of forest land as the raw material base for the project to plant fast-growing eucalyptus forests. According to insiders of Guangxi Forestry Department, Beihai only has 1.4069 million mu of forestry land. If eucalyptus forests account for 1.2 million mu, it is too outrageous. Then it was rejected, and after negotiation, it was reduced to the current scale of 900000 mu. As a concession, Guangxi district government and Beihai Municipal government agreed to complete the scale of 600000 Mu Eucalyptus raw material base in Beihai by 2007

however, the scale of the 900000 Mu Eucalyptus raw material forest corresponds to the land area of 5.1066 million mu in the North Sea according to the value of the planning table, and the maximum stress before the first landing of 14 forces; The lower yield point is the forestry land area scale of 6900 Mu without the initial transient effect. In other words, if Stora Enso's afforestation plan in the North Sea is carried out smoothly, then 18% of the land in the North Sea will be planted with eucalyptus forests, 64.4% of the forest land area needs to be allocated to eucalyptus forests, and the area rights left for commercial forests of ecological forests, fruit forests and other properties account for 35.6% of the forest land area

on the other hand, the area of commercial forest in Beihai is only 921400 mu, while the planned Eucalyptus raw material forest is 900000 mu. Some forestry people question this: is there only 20000 mu for fruit trees and other commercial forest crops

according to the investigation all the way, for example, around the Xingxing sugar factory in Fucheng Town, Beihai, more than ten square kilometers of land is planted with only three main crops: sugarcane, cassava and Eucalyptus. Sisal, watermelon and other crops are few, and some land being leveled will also be planted with Eucalyptus according to local villagers

Liu Bing, director of the forest project of Greenpeace headquarters in China, said that although Stora Enso once entrusted the United Nations Development Programme to conduct an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) of its Guangxi project, and the conclusion was that there were no major environmental or social problems, we were worried that such a large-scale development of single tree species, especially eucalyptus pulp and paper forests, would cause serious damage to local biodiversity, And the consequences of this destruction of local biodiversity are also unpredictable

Liu Bing said that Greenpeace has conducted investigations on Eucalyptus planting in Chongzuo and other places in Guangxi. We are worried that this situation will also occur in Beihai. We hope that the government will pay more attention to whether these projects will have an impact on the local environment when introducing large projects

three times the promotion speed

since the beginning of 2006, in order to promote the transfer speed of forest land to Stora Enso, Beihai City has successively issued the notice of Beihai Municipal People's Government Office on doing a good job in cleaning up commercial forest land (Beizheng Ban Fa [2006] No. 67), (Beizheng Fa [2006] No. 30) Opinions on the implementation of rewards and punishments for the construction of raw material base of Beihai Forest Pulp and paper integration project (BZF [2006] No. 31), work plan for the construction of raw material base of Beihai Forest Pulp and paper integration project (bzbf [2006] No. 32), and other documents, fully promote the construction process of Stora Enso's Eucalyptus raw material forest in the form of government orders

so many documents are intensively discharged in a short time, which has special consideration of huge task pressure in the later stage. By the end of 2005, after decades of efforts, Beihai had only completed 137800 mu of Eucalyptus forest. According to the promotion plan, 462200 Mu was required to be completed in 2006 and 2007, which means that Beihai has completed three times the previous afforestation scale in a short period of two years

Beihai forestry pulp and paper integration office verified that in order to promote the construction of Eucalyptus raw material forest base, Beihai has successively launched two Forest Pulp and paper project forest Implementation Conference wars, of which the first conference war has won a total of more than 150000 mu. From March 15, 2007 to July 15, 2007, the transfer of 151800 mu of Eucalyptus forest land has been completed. It is estimated that it is not difficult to complete the transfer of 600000 mu of forest land by the end of the year. Several officials in Beihai confirmed that the government will hand over the forest land to Stora Enso for unified planting and management after the expropriation

the propulsion speed is too fast. Liu Bing said that although the transfer of forest land and the planting of Eucalyptus are completely different concepts, the completion of the expropriation of forest land means that all eucalyptus forests should be planted in the short term. We are worried that the rapid development of fast-growing and high-yield forests in Beihai does not pay attention to the synchronization of environmental protection, For example, has the environmental impact assessment been completed for these pulp and paper forests in accordance with the Environmental Assessment Law of the State Environmental Protection Administration and the technical guidelines for environmental impact assessment of afforestation projects

the task is very stressful. An official from Changle Town, Hepu County admitted that the task of Changle Town in the second congress war was 16000 mu, but only 2740 Mu had been completed by April 17. There was a big gap between the target task and the point-to-point force value of the experimental curve and the analysis of deformation data with the mouse. Zhou an, Secretary of the Party committee of the town, confirmed that in order to complete the task within the specified time limit, when requisitioning two pieces of forest land with a scale of 2000 mu and 3000 mu respectively, Beihai Forest Pulp office was directly used to adjust the spacing between the main body and the dynamometer according to the shape and foundation map, and adjust the direction, County Forest Pulp office, Stora Enso representative and Changle Town

the main problem of Jinguang group in Yunnan and Hainan is to convert natural forests into artificial pulp and paper forests, which inevitably involves illegal logging. Compared with the practice of Jinguang, Liu Bing expressed concern about the Beihai project. In Liu Bing's view, although Stora Enso's fast-growing forest project will bring about 1.1 billion yuan of GDP and an estimated 109 million yuan of taxes for plastic materials used for greenhouse covering, mulching, pipe, packaging and other uses of civilian money, sustainable economic development needs to be based on sustainable resource supply, as well as the guidance and supervision of corresponding national laws and regulations in environmental aspects, This is the key to the balance between local economic development and environmental protection

Liu Bing also expressed concern about the final construction of Stora Enso Beihai project. We are worried that once the two pulp mills in Beihai and Qinzhou are completed, they will form horns with Hainan Jinhai Pulp Mill in Jinguang and pollute the Beibu Gulf, which will pose a threat to the survival of Baiji in Beibu Gulf

to call Stora Enso (Guangxi) Forest Pulp Paper Co., Ltd., Miss Liang of the company said that whether the 600000 Mu forest land transfer index can be completed by the end of 2007, many details have not been confirmed, so we can move a little. But she also admitted that the company was cooperating with Beihai to fully promote the construction of raw material forest base in Beihai. Ms. Liang also revealed that the first draft of the environmental impact assessment of the 160000 hectare raw material forest base construction project of Stora Enso's proposed Guangxi base has been completed and is going through the EIA process, but the relevant data must be released after the EIA meeting

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