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Finland sparklike brings a gas analyzer to the 2014 glass technology exhibition

Finland sparklike company, as the developer of the world's first argon analyzer for non-destructive detection of inflatable insulating glass, has recently developed a new and unique gas content detection technology, named gasgl development cooperation mode and specific product ass laser, which brings top quality assurance to insulating glass manufacturers pursuing energy conservation and high performance

at the annual glass technology exhibition in Duesseldorf, Germany, this year, sparklike will work with its American distribution partner, Quanex construction products group, and its subordinate edgetech European company to display this new technology - booth C71 in hall 17

"in sparklike, we are always committed to bringing customers better products. Gasglass laser analyzer is a revolutionary innovation in the field of hollow glass gas content analysis. It is the only one in the world that can nondestructive test the gas content in the gas filled hollow glass spacer with three glasses, two cavities and double-sided coating, and can realize nondestructive testing at the same time." Mr. miikkael Niemi, CEO of sparklike, said

the Gasglass laser analyzer can be integrated with the existing production line for continuous and automatic measurement, providing excellent quality control for insulating glass manufacturers to meet modern production standards. By gasgl0.0- 0.8; ±0.4;- 0.2;- 0.5 and other advanced measurements obtained by ass laser analyzer enable insulating glass manufacturers to get the most measurements before their products leave the factory to ensure the consistency of their high quality. Reliable and continuous measurement results can reduce customer complaints, which is a considerable savings for insulating glass manufacturers

"up to now, we are proud of innovation. We have been trying to help our customers find the next latest thing to improve their product performance, so that they can improve production efficiency. This concept is rooted in our company's history, and continues to become a part of our future plastic products compared with other categories such as agriculture, construction, packaging and so on." p>

sparklike sincerely invites all participants interested in insulating glass measurement to edgetech European booth, booth C71 of hall 17, to experience the on-site demonstration of this new breakthrough technology

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