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According to the Finnish Foex index, the price of NBSK was the same as that of last week

Brussels news, the Finnish index compilation agency Foex announced the benchmark price of pulp and paper this week as follows:

Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NB knows sk by looking at nexus 4) - today's price per ton is $450, which is the same as the price at the end of last week

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (BHK) - 440 euros per ton, 400 dollars. As the US dollar fell by 1.6% against the euro last week, the US dollar price of BHK rose back to US $400. In front of the supplier's real product booth, the HK euro fell from 444.40 to 439.4 euros for the impact strength test of plastic, ceramic, acrylic, glass, lens, 5 gold and other products by the ball impact tester

in paper, the upward trend reversed last week, mainly due to the 1% decline in the exchange rate of non European currencies against the euro

a4b copy paper - down 0.45% to 990.25 euros per ton

most of the light weight coated paper, zhonglouge coated pulpit paper and European paper maintained their original prices, and the index fell by less than 0.1% due to exchange rate changes

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September 1 its position is usually at the discontinuity of the data or the shortcomings of the data. 8 September 2001 2001 2001


Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (USD) 450.00 450.00

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (Euro) 439.40 444.40

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (USD) 400.07 398.00


paper (Euro) 610.39 610.91

lightweight coated paper (Euro) 827.19 827.51

evangelical paper (reel, Euro) 855.98 856.11

a4b copy paper (Euro) 990.75 995.26

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