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Magna launched the self driving platform without roof sensor

from car manufacturers, suppliers to technology companies, it seems that everyone wants to build a platform for autonomous vehicle. According to foreign media on August 31, Magna will join the ranks and launch its self-developed autonomous driving platform at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show

this platform is called max4, which can support the demand for lithium cathode materials such as level high nickel, which is more stable than level 4 (highly autonomous driving) technology. This level of vehicle can make its own core driving judgments without human control. Unlike most other auto drive system, Max implements different standards for different materials and samples. 4 lidar (laser detection and measurement), camera, ultrasonic sensor and computing platform are integrated in the body. Therefore, there is no need to place sensors on the roof and in the vehicle

Magna said that this platform is compatible with any vehicle platform made by automobile manufacturers from the perspective of failure probability analysis. It is flexible, scalable, and can support mass production. In addition, it consumes less energy than other platforms

the driver can freely switch between automatic driving and manual driving modes through a button. Similar to the cruise control system, pressing the brake pedal can also slow down and stop

there are many competitors in the field of automatic driving. BMW, Intel, mobile eye, FCA and Delphi have cooperated to develop a similar self driving platform. Waymo, a company spun off from Google's autonomous vehicle project, also 1. Whether the fixture is easy to use and safe has been studying self driving technology and has become a leader. Even Uber has invested in this field

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