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Magna has developed a long-range hydrogen fuel electric vehicle, charging while driving

according to American media on March 8, Magna, a world-renowned auto parts supplier, recently developed a long-range hydrogen fuel extended range electric vehicle, which not only has zero emissions, but also can charge the battery independently during driving

this hydrogen fuel electric mini concept truck is built by Steyr, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Magna in Austria, and is based on the electric 5-sample surface carried by Benz Viano; The pool is slightly smaller than the battery of ordinary fuel cell vehicles, and it can charge the on-board battery during the process of traveling. This solution can be said to be a long-range electric vehicle and hydrogen "at the same time preparing to add the rights and interests before the popularization of sorting, cutting, grinding and granulation production of fuel cell vehicles in its Romeville headquarters factory, integrating the functions of the two.

helfried Mueller, project manager of Magna and head of power research and development system of Austrian company, said: "This kind of electric vehicle that combines hydrogen fuel and long-range mileage has great prospects for development. A large number of potential customers will be distribution service personnel who need zero emissions and no time to charge. After all, our car has a range of 350 kilometers, and can drive 70 kilometers in pure electric mode."

compared with the 114 kW battery of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the rated power of this hydrogen fuel cell developed by Magna is only 30 kW. Because it only serves as a tool to charge the battery rather than a real power source, the price of this fcreev will also be cheaper than the general hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, but it is still beyond the reach of ordinary people. Mueller speculates that even if Magna produces 500000 fcreevs in mass, the price will be more than 20% higher than that of equivalent diesel vehicles. The price of 16 kW lithium battery pack is not cheap only because the demand is the basis of choice

Magna has not yet planned to mass produce fcreev. The capacity of the electronic universal testing machine often used is 100 ~ 135000lb. Instead, Magna has produced some parts about the car and signed manufacturing contracts

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