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Maguire extrusion control system can improve the productivity of high-speed production process of packaging film and save raw materials

Shanghai, April 19, 2010: meguire Asia announced at China International Rubber and plastic exhibition today that packaging film manufacturers can not only maintain productivity, but also reduce the scrap rate of packaging film production (Booth No.: e3-d-55). It is mainly buildings, building materials Necessary experimental testing equipment for highway and bridge engineering units

the system can make high-speed adjustment according to the changes of extruder and tractor speed controller, so as to improve production capacity and reduce scrap rate. At the same time, the system can strengthen the control of raw material consumption, so as to help packaging film manufacturers reduce costs. The actual output can be accurate to "g/M", and the error with the target setting value is not more than 0.5%

in the LINEMASTER system, the new raw material consumption data of the extruder is updated every second through the weight-loss (LIW) hopper installed at the throat of the extruder. The unit of new raw material consumption data is "kg/h", which is constantly forwarded to the LINEMASTER controller, which also receives the linear speed information (M/min) sent by the digital encoder installed on the traction system in recent years. Using these data, the software installed in the controller ensures the accurate calculation of the control thickness or production speed, as well as the consistency between layers in the coextrusion process. This set of control device can save raw materials, reduce scrap rate and shorten equipment commissioning time

Hubert nerlich, managing director of Meguiar Asia, said: "Saving raw materials alone can recover the investment in this advanced LINEMASTER

system in just a few months. Relying on the unparalleled accuracy of this system, packaging film manufacturers can reduce the average film thickness and control the film thickness within the allowable error range. In addition, by reducing the scrap rate, increasing the qualified product output per unit hour of the extruder and shortening the commissioning time of the production line, the cost can be further reduced." 。

meguire Products Co., Ltd., headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, is the world's largest supplier of gravity metering mixers and liquid pigment pumps. In addition, it also manufactures feeding systems, shredders, dryers, screw feeders, and related equipment and software. The company's customers include injection molding, blow molding, transfer molding manufacturers, extrusion processing manufacturers, mixing manufacturers, etc. Meguire was founded in 1977 and has six manufacturing plants in Aston. The company has a sales agent in the Americas and overseas, and has two sales and after-sales service subsidiaries: the two subsidiaries are: meguire Europe, located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK, which provides customer support to DuPont Europe and operates a distribution center; Meguiar Asia, based in Singapore, provides support for South Asia and the Pan Pacific region, considering that downstream demand is still not improved. Please visit the website of meikui Products Co., Ltd.:

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