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Application of Yi Neng frequency converter in dehydrators

I. modern drive of dehydrators

dehydrators include secretory machines, centrifuges, etc., which are directly driven by AC asynchronous motors, feeding at low speed and dewatering at high speed in case of broken oil pipes; Widely used in papermaking, dyeing and finishing, food, pharmaceutical, sugar, chemical and other industries

modern dehydrators must meet the needs of different materials using different rotating speeds for dehydration, so the inner layer of dehydration has excellent resilience, and the rotating speed of the machine must be able to be adjusted to meet the needs of the process In the past, high-speed and low-speed motors were mostly used. The low-speed acceleration and deceleration machine was used as low-speed blanking, and another motor drive was used at high speed. The rapid protrusion and later movement of the motor drive in the electronic age were used. When the speed was reduced, the mechanical holding brake was used, and the transmission system was complex and the failure rate was high; Because of the large capacity of the high-speed motor and the large inertia of the dewatering tank, the starting current is huge and lasts for a long time, the operation efficiency is low, and the speed cannot be adjusted

II. Features of Eason eds1000 series frequency converter

at present, there is also the control of using frequency converter to drive a single motor, low-speed feeding and high-speed dehydration; However, if VF or voltage space vector control technology is used in the frequency converter, it has resonance frequency band, which makes the mechanical vibration large, and insufficient low-speed torque will cause overload

the adoption of easy energy eds1000 series speed sensorless vector control frequency converter can make up for the above deficiencies, and its characteristics are as follows:

* low speed torque large vector control frequency converter can statically and dynamically detect motor parameters, achieve rated torque output, and solve the problems of insufficient low-speed torque and large vibration caused by general traditional frequency converters

* the speed regulation range is large, allowing 0 ~ 400 Hz operation. At low speed, it can reach 150% rated torque output as part of the climate change action plan launched by President Obama last year

* direct drive does not need to use pulley transmission, and it can be driven directly; Reduce mechanical vibration, belt tightness problems, higher efficiency, lower cost and after-sales service

III. application and parameter setting of Yi Neng eds1000 series frequency converter in dehydrator

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