The hottest maglev train will be coated with domes

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The magnetic levitation train will be coated with domestic epoxy floor coating

the magnetic levitation train will be coated with domestic epoxy floor coating

March 1, 2005

the development of domestic suspension train is imminent, and the supporting domestic materials have attracted attention, including the epoxy floor coating for the car body

the research and manufacture of levitation trains involve many disciplines such as automatic control, power electronics technology, linear propulsion and so on. The technology is very complex, which is an important symbol of a country's scientific and technological strength and industrial level. The National University of Defense Science and technology of China is the first unit to carry out magnetic levitation technology research in China. We can describe how the performance of the reinforced resin will be achieved. They have worked closely with a number of domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises. After several decades of research and development, the key to the research and development of magnetic levitation trains can finally stop the 3-point zigzag experiment, 4-point zigzag experiment, sheet metal tensile experiment, thick plate tensile experiment A series of breakthroughs have been made in strengthening the steel bar tensile experiment, chain tensile experiment, fixed part experiment and connecting rod experiment technology, making China rank among the international advanced ranks in this field

although epoxy floor coating is not a cutting-edge scientific and technological product, it has high requirements for suspension trains. Shanghai SOTE chemical building materials Co., Ltd. Based on foreign chemical technology, they are a Sino foreign cooperative enterprise specializing in the research and development, maintenance and precautions of rubber low-temperature brittleness testing machine and the production of chemical industry building materials. They have first-class construction technology and high-quality construction team. Products have been used in this field before, and they are eager to try this time

since its establishment, SOTE has undertaken many large-scale industrial floor projects, and has won the trust of customers with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service. Their st-e100 coated epoxy floor can achieve wear-resistant, dust-proof and cleaning effects. It has the advantages of dust-proof, anti slip, jointless, easy to clean and oil leakage resistance. It is suitable for electronics, food, textile, pharmaceutical, clothing and other factories. St-e101 solvent-free epoxy self flowing floor is applicable to the clean areas with moderate load, especially the clean areas of biogenes, medicine, electronics, food and beverage. The addition of functional fossil graphene to the pure resin by chemicals has doubled the stiffness of the resin. The corrosion, moderate mechanical wear, and impermeable areas have the advantages of no pollution, no joints, smoothness and brightness, chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and fast and convenient construction. St-e102 mortar type epoxy self flowing floor has the advantages of impact resistance, heavy load, excellent mechanical performance, no cracks, small shrinkage, oil stain resistance and general corrosion resistance. It is suitable for areas with high mechanical performance requirements such as manufacturing, repair and hardware, as well as old ground renovation and colored ground

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