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Magic weapon pragmatism glass solves the difficult problems in the building materials industry

excellent product quality is the prerequisite for enterprises to survive in the competition. The Fire Department of the Ministry of public security also issued a "notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials for civil buildings". No matter which industry it is, in the final analysis, we should compete with each other in terms of product quality. In China's building materials industry, magic pragmatic glass is receiving more and more attention. The actual feeling of people using this building materials product is often greater than their expectations, which makes the franchisees of magic pragmatic glass generally profitable. Magic weapon pragmatism glass is actually a latecomer in the building materials industry. It knows how to follow the market demand for product development and innovation, rather than blindly follow its peers. Therefore, it has embarked on the road of winning the market with glass and become a favorite in the hearts of consumers

magic weapon pragmatic glass is considered as a subversive and enlightening building material product. It seeks inspiration from the glass materials that are generally not optimistic about in the industry of building materials in the use of aerosols and heat insulation foam, including extruded polystyrene board and polyurethane foam. At the same time, it processes and processes with explosion-proof technology, so that the seemingly fragile glass products become ecological building materials with high hardness, strength, safety and environmental protection. According to the inspection and certification of professional institutions, magic pragmatic glass has the characteristics of fire retardant, moisture-proof and mildew proof, sound and noise insulation, constant temperature and heat insulation, anti-aging, no deformation, no fading, easy cleaning, easy disassembly and other characteristics. Each product has undergone many tests, with excellent quality and diverse functions, and can be called the founder of a model home

unlike most building materials products, pragmatic glass does not have the problems of formaldehyde exceeding the standard and heavy metals exceeding the standard. It will not change color, deteriorate and age due to exposure to the sun or cold freezing, nor will it have low-level problems such as uneven and pattern ghosting due to low technology. On the contrary, due to the use of safety explosion-proof technology, magic weapon pragmatism glass also has a very high impact resistance. Moreover, according to the experiment, even if the product is broken by force majeure, it will be decomposed into glass beads the size of soybeans. There are no edges and corners, no spikes, and no safety hazards to human body

magic weapon pragmatism glass has also reached the forefront of the industry in terms of design creativity. It invites a large number of well-known product R & D personnel to carry out design creativity, and uses Hangzhou Chen's glass carving technology for processing. The colors are lifelike, the patterns are natural, and there is a bit of aesthetic feeling of art, which brightens everyone's eyes

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