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Overview of Japan's packaging machinery industry

packaging machinery manufacturers there are more than 200 packaging machinery manufacturers in Japan, as well as more than 100 manufacturers of packaging materials and packaging machinery related equipment. 148 packaging machinery manufacturers have joined the Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association, and their products account for 70% of Japan's packaging machinery production. The sales volume of food packaging machinery accounts for 51% of the packaging industry

Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association is the only packaging machinery industry group in Japan. The PL method was implemented in 1995. Although the technology of reinforced glass composites has been relatively mature, the HACCP method support method was implemented in 1998. The association actively carried out work on safe, hygienic and energy-saving packaging of packaging machinery, and set up a "PL center". To prevent PL accidents, guide the safety measures of food packaging machinery, and carry out consultation activities on accident solutions. Since 196, the friction with the pressure shaft and the main shaft bushing has increased for four years, Japan has held a food packaging machinery exhibition every two years, which will be held in Tokyo next October. Historical development of Japanese food packaging machinery from 1955 to 1964, Japanese paper and plastic packaging materials were developed and utilized, and a variety of new food packaging machinery came out in large numbers

the development of horizontal forming, filling and sealing machine represents the level of Japanese packaging machinery. The export of PP strapping machines accounts for a high share of packaging machinery. At that time, Japanese food packaging machinery was inferior to European and American products in both quality and performance

from 1965 to 1978, Japan began to pay attention to technological upgrading to avoid being injured by electrified wires or components exposed inside, actively introduced European and American technology, and worked hard to learn and improve basic technology

In 1973, Japan successfully developed the world's first microcomputer program-controlled horizontal forming, filling and sealing machine. Taking this opportunity, various packaging machines began to be loaded with microcomputers in a short time. In the same year, Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association successfully developed the world's first heat sealing machine with heat pipes, realizing the low energy consumption of heat sealing machine equipment and significantly improving its performance. Japanese food packaging machinery has completed the technical upgrading from mechanical devices to computer program control

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