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Industry Overview: prediction of the fate of silk printing (IV)

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prepress progress inkjet technology also forms the technical basis of computer system for printing products in digital color printing. This technology simplifies the prepress preparation of silk printing because it reduces the production of positive negatives

digital technology does not occupy the whole silk printing world, but actively assists silk printing, thus promoting the progress of process control and silk printing technology. Digital process and components have become important components of the whole silk printing process, and they play an important role in prepress, production and post press. The rise of digital printing has promoted the improvement of silk printing ability, enabling it to get better printing machines, printing accessories and inks, which makes silk printing products of higher quality

what should we pay attention to in advance

in order to continue to supplement the application of graphics, silk printing must better improve efficiency by reducing unnecessary steps and interruptions in the process. Silk printing must have high quality requirements to maintain its position in the market. The simplest way is to reduce the number of steps in the process and make it close to the simplest digital printing

digital printing technology will become the focus of people's research, and some deficiencies in the previous inkjet equipment have been overcome now. At the 2004 drupa exhibition last year, a prototype of the UV inkjet system has appeared, which is characterized by a fixed number of inkjets. In order to find out the cause of the failure, the head can stretch across the width of the entire cylinder substrate. The speed of this new generation of instruments will exceed 10000 sq ft/HR (taking 3000 sq ft/HR as the the first mock examination version). When the printing width is limited, the development of equipment also requires more applications in the silk printing market

we have begun to pay attention to digital technology, and will continue to pay attention to its transformation and application in the connection of value-added equipment, such as computerized die-cutting equipment. Because we need equipment that can produce high-quality products, short versions and prototype products, these systems will continue to open new and revolutionary market opportunities

due to the continuous improvement of digital printing technology, the invented and innovative silk printing industry will also be naturally promoted. Although some applications of silk printing may be lost in digital printing, they may be replaced by new applications, for which silk printing may be the only suitable imaging method. But for the emerging new market, silk printing must establish their strengths and advantages, including printing a thin and adjustable ink layer, printing with special ink, suitable for more substrates, etc. At the same time, silk printing must continue to pay attention to economic issues, reduce variability, and pay attention to the turnaround time and the cost of starting printing

over time, we can see that there will be more mergers and influences between many printing processes. The times of silk printing enterprises are numbered, at least the name of silk printing enterprises can be said clearly. If the current trend continues, all graphic silk printing enterprises will become companies providing graphic services. In these years, silk printing will be one of many imaging options. Nowadays, few companies can only provide single silk printing - most of them also provide digital printing or other special printing options, such as gravure pad printing and hot embossing. In the future, people will often see the application of silk printing and digital printing technology in Flexo or offset printing. Customers' demand for "one-stop" services will also drive the transformation of this technology

for digital and silk printing, there is a certain demand, that is, faster speed, better consistency and lower cost. But for any technology, it is difficult to achieve the purpose we expect, which is the dependence developed during the planned economy period. Finally, it will rely on the skills and knowledge of the company. The company will use these technologies to change its products in order to participate in competition and ensure profits

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