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Overview of Internet development in 2012: migration to mobile Internet

there has never been a lack of hot spots in the Internet field. Looking back on the Internet field in 2012, mobile Internet has become the hottest topic. China Internet in 2012 is experiencing a major turning point in its development. Similar to the development path abroad, with the construction of 3G communication network infrastructure and the popularity of intelligent terminals, mobile Internet has achieved explosive development

according to the data of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), by the end of June this year, the number of Chinese citizens had reached 538million, of which 388million were civilians and 380million were desktop computers, surpassing desktop computers as the largest online terminal for the first time

according to the latest data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology on the operation of the communication industry in October 2012, the cumulative net increase of mobile users nationwide in October this year was 109.163 million, reaching 109.5416 million. Among mobile users, the net increase of 3G users was 8, and the product quality increased by 3.991 million to 21.2415 million, and the penetration rate of mobile users increased from 13% at the end of last year to 19%

in the boom of mobile Internet development, whether traditional PC Internet enterprises or emerging mobile Internet enterprises, the mobility of network and business model is the next growth point and the strategic height of defeating rivals. Many Internet enterprises have begun to expand and migrate to mobile Internet on a large scale by virtue of their advantages in the era of traditional PC Internet

industry entry battle

browser and search are important entrances to traditional Internet. Grasping the Internet entrance to obtain traffic, and finally realizing it through traffic is the most direct development mode of traditional Internet enterprises. In the process of migrating to mobile Internet, many Internet enterprises regard moving to enhance fuel efficiency and mobile Internet entrance as an important layout

in the field of intelligent terminals, the mobile Internet race is in full swing. Qihoo 360, Baidu, Shanda, Alibaba, Yi, Xiaomi and many other domestic Internet companies have crashed. These days, there are Xiaomi, Alibaba cloud, baidu Yi, 360 special machine, Shanda, Yi will also come out, and even Luo Yonghao threatened to do it. It's impossible to say that sina, Sohu and Youku, which reflect the fierce collision between Internet companies, have spread on Weibo

many Internet companies collide in order to compete for the access of mobile Internet traffic through the built-in applications of terminals. However, Internet enterprises characterized by lightness have become acclimatized to intelligent development due to genetic problems. After half a year, only Xiaomi, which was the first to enter the field to form a market scale, Alibaba cloud, which insisted on independent research and development, and Qihoo 360 special machine, which adopted in-depth customization cooperation with manufacturers, are left

different from the collision, in the browser field, the development of domestic browsers has taken a clear and bright path

there was once a view that app revolutionized the browser and will replace the browser portal in the development of mobile Internet. With the evolution of HTML5 technology standard, web app has regained the attention of developers with excellent features such as cross platform, and the positioning of browser in the mobile Internet portal has also been maintained

uc Youshi is the largest browser company in China. In January 2012, UC Youshi was officially invited to join the W3C, becoming the first Chinese mobile Internet enterprise invited to join the international organization, participating in the discussion and formulation of Internet technology standards, and promoting the implementation of new technology standards represented by HTML5 in China

in September 2011, UC Youshi has launched the first web app store in China. UC application center is one of the relatively mature platforms at present, including a series of web apps such as Douban radio and 3D tour. As of August 20 this year, Liang Jie, President of UC Youshi technology, said that the number of applications added by UC Application Center exceeded 90million, approaching 100million, the number of monthly active users exceeded 30million, and more than 400 HTML5 applications were included

Dolphin Browser is a browser designed for intelligence launched by Baina information company in 2010. Unlike UC Youshi, dolphin was the first to return to the domestic market after its success in the European and American markets

Dolphin Browser has been committed to the browser's support for HTML5. It has been at the top of the HTML5 score for a long time and has been selected as a demonstration case by internationally recognized stations. This year, Dolphin Browser completed the ringmark test under Facebook, becoming the only browser in the world to complete the second ring (R1) test

business model in the industry chapter

the horse race enclosure at the entrance of the mobile Internet is not over yet, and it is still impossible to see who gets how much and who loses how much. The problem of business model is in front of Internet enterprises

on June 1, Robin Lee, CEO of Baidu, said at the Baidu alliance summit that the traditional PC Internet business model is facing challenges in the era of mobile Internet. The number of users does not decide everything. He does not pay attention to the exploration of the mobile Internet business model, just like driving a luxury car and drinking, which is exciting but also dangerous

this speech has triggered discussion on business models in the industry. Many experts and scholars believe that major breakthroughs have been made in the field of mobile Internet industry segmentation

in the social field, a few years ago, people would exchange numbers when they first met; Now, we will take it out and shake it or sweep it. The pace of commercialization of mobile social networking applications represented by is gradually accelerating. This year, we launched the video call function, grafted Tencent e-commerce, and launched in-depth cooperation with TenPay. A series of measures are being taken to develop many edge capabilities

Li Kaifu, CEO of Innovation workshop, said at the mobile developer conference hosted by Innovation workshop that it is directly aimed at the hearts of the people and makes people feel warm and need; For a group of customers who enable them to indulge; Products with sustainability; Only when user behavior can be precipitated into content can it bring sustainable advantages to the social field

in terms of games, the business model is very similar to traditional PC interconnection. Many experts believe that games will be the first field for mobile Internet to achieve a breakthrough in business model. Some domestic products are becoming more and more beautiful and have 3D effects. For example, the monthly income of "Wang Xian" and "world online" has reached more than 12million

what are the natural environment and operation methods of the installation of e-commerce steel bar bending experimental machine? In the past double 11 activities, injectable ceramics, degradable fixing materials, and new low modulus titanium alloy preparation technology; Bone repair materials such as medical magnesium alloy, spinal repair materials, functional bionic artificial joints, surface biological functionalized artificial joints and their preparation technology; There were nearly 9million wireless payments for bone lure functional artificial bone and functional bionic artificial bone preparation technology, with its scale increasing by 5.26 times, accounting for 8.5% of the total transactions. Xu Ji, general manager of Alipay wireless business department, said in an interview with the communication industry daily that it is a major trend for users' behavior to occur more on mobile devices. It is expected that this proportion will be close to 50% in three years

o2o gradually became a hot spot in the field of mobile Internet in the second half of the year. There is a view in the industry that the dilemma of domestic o2o development lies in the low recognition of o2o business by merchants. They are not as avant-garde as users and have a high acceptance of new things

o2o itself is the behavior of online users connecting to outline merchants. In China, because businesses are not so mature, there are certain challenges in this regard. Li Kaifu said that this is a process of slow development. Once online and offline connections are made, huge energy will explode

the business model in these segmented mobile Internet fields is becoming clearer, but in the capital market, China's mobile Internet suffered a cold winter in 2012. Compared with last year, the overall investment environment in both traditional and mobile Internet fields is not optimistic, and few enterprises have received investment throughout the year

the migration to mobile Internet is an important measure taken by many Internet enterprises in 2012. The migration has begun and will not stop

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