Overview of the hottest Italian printing machinery

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Overview of Italian printing machinery

Chinese packaging compilation: Italian gravure printing machine ranks first in the world in terms of quality, technology and performance, accounting for 60% of the publishing, printing and packaging market

the Italian flexographic printing machine is at a high level in terms of technological innovation, mechanical accuracy and reliability, and has a high cost performance ratio

Italian manufacturers are the first to adopt gearless transmission technology and modular design structure in manufacturing narrow web flexographic printing equipment and hybrid production lines, and actively compete with products from other suppliers in terms of printing quality, flexibility and productivity

in the field of gravure cylinder technology, Italy has become a pioneer of autotypical engraving technology since the 1970s, opening the way for the application of gravure printing in the field of flexible packaging. At present, a very famous Italian company engaged in drum processing and post press processing equipment has introduced a new term - "exactus". It is a new type of laser imaging system combining computer roller technology and electrolytic engraving, which can achieve high-quality and high-speed output

another Italian manufacturer has established production plants in Europe and North America, which is in the field of flexo printing and gravure sleeve production. 3. There are high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardancy, reinforcement, transparency and other levels; The well-known enterprises with rich product specifications are applicable to all fields of the printing industry that are rapidly developing from the current international and domestic situation. This company has recently introduced a very innovative solution: microprocessor sleeve technology for flexo, offset and gravure printing

Italy must stick the brake handle. The printing industry has always taken a large part of its income and invested in further research and development, and constantly developed the most advanced technical solutions, including new equipment, UV curing equipment, five-star equipment that has won excellent praise from customers, infrared and hot air drying devices, and new software designed for efficient digital production

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