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Overview of intelligent lighting energy saver

I. product overview

slf-5 series lighting energy saver is an intelligent energy-saving device of lighting system introduced by Shenzhen priority Electronic Development Co., Ltd. using the current international most cutting-edge power-saving technology, combined with the current lighting status in China, and introducing American advanced technology

slf-5 intelligent lighting economizer is mainly used to save energy by using group controlled lighting in a large area. The product is small in size, noiseless in operation, and can be used continuously for more than 100000 hours. The whole machine has been tested by Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality testing, and the product safety performance indicators meet the requirements of international standards. The product has advanced technology, stable operation, safety and reliability, remarkable energy-saving effect, and the power-saving efficiency can be as high as 25%-45%

this series of intelligent economizers can carry out real-time dynamic tracking, detection and monitoring of the lighting system, and automatically adjust the current and voltage of the lighting system according to the program of the microcomputer chip, balance and control the output power of the power supply, improve the power factor, and achieve the purpose of saving the loss risk of power enterprises and reducing the electricity expenditure

this series of intelligent energy-saving appliances can be widely used in large enterprises, supermarkets, shopping malls, underground parking lots, airports, factories, schools, hospitals, wharves, stations, urban street lights, etc., and electric power stations dominated by fluorescent lamps and hid gas discharge lamps. At the same time, it is also suitable for hybrid lighting systems with inductive loads and supply voltage higher than the rated voltage for a long time

II. Energy saving principle

when the gas discharge lamp is started, the modified PP bumper has the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy coating, recyclable and so on. After the trigger makes the self induced electromotive force generated by the ballast connected in series with the power supply voltage, it is all added between the filaments at both ends of the lamp. Due to the sudden increase of the voltage between the filaments, the inert gas in the whole lamp is completely dissociated under the action of high pressure, resulting in arc discharge, It radiates invisible ultraviolet rays, excites any kind of luminous powder equipped with the tube wall, emits visible light similar to sunlight, and realizes the lighting function

however, the efficiency of lamps and lanterns under different voltages and currents is also different. Too strong current and too high voltage make little contribution to luminescence, but increase the calorific value of lamps and lanterns, generate noise from ballasts, and affect the efficiency and service life of lamps and lanterns

slf-5 series lighting economizers adopt intelligent chip control technology. After real-time detection and calculation of power parameters, the voltage output to the lighting load side is adjusted by the economizer to ensure that the lamps work stably within the ideal voltage range. In addition, slf-5 series products also have integrated filtering technologies such as suppressing surge voltage and surge current and eliminating harmonic interference, which can effectively improve the luminous efficiency of lamps and reduce power consumption

in case of failure of electric equipment, this series of products have automatic control function, which displays the cause of the failure through LCD and led, and informs the user, so that the user can timely understand the cause of the failure and deal with it in time, so as to ensure the reliability and safety of the user's line

III. product features

slf-5 series intelligent light saver has beautiful shape and solid structure. The shell is made of high-quality steel plate. The fatigue resistance of PEEK stamped by CNC punch is better than that of polyamide molding. The surface is treated with high-strength plastic spraying and rust prevention, which is easy to install and maintain and has a long service life

slf-5 series products also have the following functional features:

a, wall mounted installation is adopted, the appearance design is beautiful, does not affect the beauty of the wall, and the installation cost is low, and the operation is simple

b. It is easy to install and does not affect the design of the original distribution line. It can be directly connected to the lamp line. It can be fixed horizontally or vertically before the lamp wire switch behind the system watt hour meter

c, with maintainability and protective design, it is safer to use

d, reduce the line starting current, significantly prolong the service life of lamps and reduce the maintenance cost

e, with LCD backlight display function, the current working condition of the economizer can be clearly observed day and night

f, imported components are adopted, which will not produce any harmonic pollution, and the operation of lamps is more stable and reliable

g, significantly improve the luminous efficiency of lamps, so as to improve the overall utilization efficiency of power supply

h, reduce the glare of lamps, protect vision, and optimize the working environment

i, reduce the power loss of the lamp, reduce the reactive power demand of the equipment, and improve the luminous efficiency of the lamp

j. Automatic intelligent voltage detection to prevent damage to lamps caused by voltage fluctuation

IV. technical indicators

rated voltage AC 220V ± 5%

working frequency 50-60Hz

LCD display operating voltage, current, cumulative working time fault cause

the adjustment range is 185-220v, and the program automatically tracks and adjusts

LED indicates fault indication, Operation indication

power saving rate is 15% - 45% (depending on the aging degree and type of lamps)

control mode intelligent chip control

insulation grade control circuit, main circuit, voltage resistance between shells is more than 2KV

working temperature -35 ℃ - +75 ℃

environmental requirements: relative humidity is not higher than 90%, ventilation is smooth

v. after sales service

1. 24 hours a day, the service life of the product is 100000 hours, Can ensure effective work for 11 years

2. Free on-site customer training to enable customers to master correct use, maintenance and repair skills

3. Provide free warranty, maintenance and replacement in the first two years, and lifelong maintenance in the later period

4. This product is fully insured by China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. (underwriting No.: ashzb000007b) (end)

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